The East Asia Regional Association of
the International Musicological Society (IMSEA)
5th Biennial Conference
October 18-20, 2019 SuZhou

Steering Committee:
Jen-yen Chen, chair (National Taiwan University), Daniel Chua (The University of Hong Kong), Aya Ito (International University of Kagoshima), Youn Kim (The University of Hong Kong), Meebae Lee (Chonbuk National University), Nozomi Sato (Keio University), Fumitaka Yamauchi (National Taiwan University), Suk Won Yi (Seoul National University), Boyu Zhang (Central Conservatory of Music)
Program Committee:
Hui Yu, chair (Yunnan University), Meng-tze Chu (National Tainan University of the Arts), Fuyuko Fukunaka (Tokyo University of the Arts), Youn Kim (University of Hong Kong), Kyung Myun Lee (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Organizing Committee:
Yen-Ling Annie Liu, chair (Soochow University), Gavin Lee (Soochow University), Daniel Wu (Soochow University)